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Kayaking Cortez

I thrive on travel. New scenery and foreign cultures excite me. I see the world through my Nikon lens. I savor those images and relive my travels through them. When I write my travel stories, I often think of it as an opportunity to extend the experience till the last word has been written. I'm always looking for new adventures that I can tell the world about.

I speak conversational Spanish, German and French.


Published Articles

Magic in Mexico:

Discovering the magic off the beaten path in Mexico
Avenue Magazine February 2015 (page 92)  

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The Yin-Yang of Backcountry Ski touring 

A novice backcountry skier finds humility and grace in the Selkirk Mountains
Calgary Herald January 17, 2015

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The Dolomites

Heli-hiking outfit brings high-altitude vistas to life

As I sorted and resorted the photos I shot at the Durrand Glacier in the Selkirk Mountains, I struggled to choose the ones that would make a slim but stellar final cut. Mission impossible.

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The Dolomites

For even a novice kayaker, a trip through the B.C. rainforest coast is a humbling experience

I bobbed in my kayak enjoying the quiet and breathed in the nourishing atmosphere of Haida Gwaii. I looked up and through the early morning mist I saw a bald eagle gliding soundlessly overhead.

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The Dolomites

Panama City and Havana offer very different tastes of Latin America

The first impression I had of Panama City was of its vertically soaring skyline. A decade of frenzied construction has made the city a centre of modern architecture - and notorious for poorly engineered "ghost high-rises," so named because several sit eerily vacant.

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The Dolomites

A Caribbean trip becomes a voyage through time

Sailing through the Caribbean Sea aboard the Royal Clipper I travelled into another time and another dimension. My fellow passengers and I metamorphosed.

We changed from pale, seasick landlubbers to tanned, life-embracing adventurers. We transformed from anonymous individuals, passing one another with a nod — to animated shipmates sailing together on a marvellous voyage outside of time.

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The Dolomites

Heritage site pulsates with music and history

In Guanajuato romance flutters through the air like so many rose petals released from the flower.

I sauntered down a street called "Alley of Kisses," narrow enough to inspire seduction and believed to bring good luck to any lovers who kiss there.

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Great Escape

Spontaneous trip to Mexico vanquishes winter doldrums

As winter clenched its icy grip, I despaired. No amount of friendship alleviated my malaise. I needed to escape. I daydreamed about hammocks, warm tropical evenings and meeting new friends. While surfing the web, I found a last-minute deal on a direct flight to Huatulco, Mexico.

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The Dolomites

The Dolomites may feel remote, but the next apple strudel or cappuccino is never far away

Beckoning at the top of a steep rocky climb was a stone house – an Alpine Club of Italy mountain hut called a rifugio. There I'd get a hearty meal, complemented by good Italian wine, after which I'd sleep in a comfortable bed. Exactly what I needed.

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Travel England

Cycling into the heart of England

I'd ridden my bicycle up the longest, steepest hill I'd ever climbed and was rewarded by a vista overlooking the unspoiled coastline and the dramatic cliffs of Compton Bay on the Isle of Wight in England.

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Travel England

Escape to the surreal

Sunburnt, altitude-tipsy and wind-high, my sensory cup was overflowing. I had taken to lying down on the sun-hot ground in this remote southwest corner of Bolivia. Profound sky soared around me while I absorbed energy from the sandy earth.

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Travel England

Into the Valley of Longevity

Eugenia laughed when I asked her how old she was. "Seventy-one," she replied, eyes twinkling. She looked older than her years. Her age spots appeared to merge with one another and deep wrinkles carved a long history across her face.

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Travel England

Tip of the iceberg

Our tour guide serenaded us with her accordion as our 46-foot passenger boat left Bay Bulls harbour. As we rounded the point and chugged into Witless Bay the vista we'd come to see unfolded before us.

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Travel England

Happy trails

I stepped out of my sedan into the barnyard of M & M Ranch south of Bragg Creek and looked down, careful not to step into manure. My brand-new Roper boots flashed like neon signs, exposing me as a greenhorn.

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Travel England

Paddling in paradise

We were paddling through the turquoise, swimming pool-calm Sea of Cortez. At first, a group of about six dolphins jumped and glided in the water. Soon another group appeared, romping among us.

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Travel England

Playing on the Sunshine Coast

From the moment I arrived at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, my itinerary was full of activities and superlative gourmet food. The resort, about 40 minutes north of the Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, is a playground for active people.

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Travel England

Island hopping on Lake Titicaca

Sitting on a cliff overlooking Lake Titicaca in Copacabana, Bolivia, I reflect on the lake's majesty and marvel at my own small experience of it.

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Travel England

Postcards from the edge

Here's me with Bolivian president Evo Morales in Oruro, Bolivia. To my left, my friend Annabel is receiving a neck full of soapy foam courtesy of Bolivia's vice-president Álvaro Garcia Linera.

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Travel England

Earthly paradise found

As a child I described my vision of heaven in my diary: It was a sunny meadow full of wildflowers through which I would meander unafraid and blissful. In my daydream I had long blond hair and I was barefoot, wearing a flowing white gown.

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Travel England

48 Hours In St. John's

St. John's is one of Canada's oldest cities. It's also Canada's hotspot for culture-seekers who want local charm with an edge - even walking downtown is a cultural experience, as mutlicoloured houses line the streets like rows of jelly beans.

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Links: Avenue Magazine August 2010 / Quick Trips / 48 hours in St. John's/ pp. 74-76


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