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Good journalism takes talent, perseverance and skill.

I  earned my chops by pitching and accepting challenging assignments. My reputation is for producing accurate and compelling journalism.

I write articles and produce videos; and I have worked extensively in radio. I did investigative field work and have produced radio documentaries for many CBC Radio shows, including the flagship documentary program, Sunday Morning. My stories appear locally, nationally and internationally on the radio; and in newspapers, magazines and websites. They cover a range of subjects: from the arts, travel and social issues to the environment, health and safety and business.

VIDEO: The Michener Centre - Evicting Our Most Vulnerable

Journalism Portfolio

Apple Magazine – Winter 2015

Delaying Parenthood

Life can be especially complicated. Especially when deciding when to have children.

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Healthy Mom, Healthy Kids

Serve and return exchanges are the foundation of early childhood development.

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The Calgary Foundation 2013-14 Annual Report

Revealing the Private Kindness of Mr. Anonymous

When David Freeze died in 2010, he took with him his secret philanthropic alter ego - Mr. Anonymous.

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Apple Magazine – Winter 2014

12 Activities for Life

From the time you are born to the time you die, being active can help you feel more alive.
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Apple Magazine – Spring 2013

Being Tobacco Free

From feeling better and living longer, life without tobacco offers all kinds of rewards to Albertans.

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The Tobacco Talks

Chat early and often to your kids about the effects of smoking. As a parent you can help them learn what smoking means to their health.

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"Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among teens in Canada."

As writer Anne Georg reports, suicide can be prevented. It’s all a matter of knowing the signs.

The call to Distress Centre Calgary’s ConnecTeen came from an 18-year-old aboriginal woman living on a reserve. She told the young man who answered, and was about the same age, she believed she was pregnant and that she was living with relatives and was the main caregiver for their children.

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"Interacting with people promotes social development"

Balls are a blast, Lego is lovely and screens seem to be everywhere. But no toy, game, or virtual pastime is more fascinating and beneficial to a child than playing and interacting with parents and caregivers.

Play often includes serve and return exchanges, which are key to brain development. Jane Hewes likens serve and return exchanges to a game of tennis or volleyball. The child begins with a gesture or sound—the “serve”— and the parent responds with the “return.”

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The benefits of focused breathing, bending and balancing

Millions of North Americans use yoga as part of their physical, mental and spiritual regime, reaping the benefits of a practice that has survived for more than 5,000 years.Yoga has several scientifically proven health benefits, as well as perceived health benefits that can’t be easily measured through science. Here are just five.

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Respect and trust protect a jewel of the community

For Jim Lewis the remote and beautiful Clearwater River is a sanctuary. Furthermore, over three decades of his personal history are deeply imbedded there. He says the Clearwater river has literally shaped his life and who he is.

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We asked 10 Albertans what wellness means to them.

As their answers reveal, no one definition applies, although common themes abound.

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Have fun, stay safe on your winter vacation

Albertans fall under two distinct winter vacation styles: the sun-seekers and the snow-seekers. Both generally have to travel to their preferred sun or snow destination. And they all want to have fun. Any seasoned traveller will tell you preparation is the key to a fun holiday, which also means a safe and healthy holiday.

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The feminist evolution

Sharon Stevens realized an era had ended when in late 2008, she received notice to empty out the office of the herland Feminist Film and Video Festival. The festival, which Stevens helped organize, started in 1989 and flourished for a decade. But by 2000 it was barely surviving. By 2007 the last credits had rolled.

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Smoke signals

Why are more girls than boys lighting up? And what can we do about it?

"Girls want to be bad asses. We're sick of being victims," proclaims Lisa*. She wears her teenage rebellion boldly, like the short-cropped, spaghetti-strap top she's wearing in flagrant contravention of the school's dress code.

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Your cheating heart

Kids aren't always honest. What should a parent do about it?

Karen McWilliams* was washing lettuce at the sink while her three-year-old son, Jackson, and his four-year-old friend, Caitlin, explored the spare-change jar in her kitchen. McWilliams noticed a furtive Caitlin heading to her boots by the front door with heavy pockets to dump some coins she had taken. "I asked her if she wanted to take a few coins home." But when Caitlin emptied her pockets, $40 in loonies and toonies tumbled out.

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Too much tutoring?

More and more parents are hiring help to give their kids an edge at school.

Every Wednesday and Saturday, Gen Photopoulos takes her three children to their tutors at the Kumon Centre in Halifax. Steffany, 12, and Christopher, ten, even four-year-old Gregory, have been tutored in math and reading since they were two.

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Canada flunks in generosity

I cried when I saw the African Children's Choir sing. Their exuberant innocence proved cathartic after sitting through challenging sessions of big ideas and sobering images at the third annual Montreal Millennium Summit. The topic of conversation during the two-day conference was the desperate need in many African countries. It attracted representatives from non-government organizations, the United Nations, international not-for-profits, as well as celebrities.

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Rebranding Bolivia's demonized, sacred coca plant

A prophetic legend of how the Inca discovered the benefits of the coca leaf: captured by the Spanish conquistadores, high priest Khana Chuyma withstood torture without telling them where he'd hidden the sun god's gold. The soldiers left him for dead, but the sun god found him. Rewarding Khana Chuyma for his bravery, he showed him the coca plant that would help his people endure slavery and hardship under the Spanish. And he said, "While these leaves will signify health, strength and life for you and your people, they are accursed for your oppressors. When they attempt to exploit its virtues, the coca will destroy them." So the legend goes

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Welcome to Tango Town

On a sunny day in May while riding my bike, I stop for a rest at a white, one-storey wooden structure. While the simple sign by the door read Sunalta Community Hall, I am struck by the building's poetic contrast to its environment, its plainness steadfast as Calgary's modern esthetic surges around it: skyline, fashion, food, demographics, social interactions.

Suddenly, I hear tango music coming from inside, harkening back to the era the hall was built, circa 1940. Could it really be revered tango composer Osvaldo Pugliese?

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Alberta breaks promise to its children

On the frontlines of Alberta Children and Youth Services, the reality is grim. Kids' lives hang in the balance as caseworkers and crisis workers juggle crushingly heavy caseloads. They shoulder the fallout as the economy leaves the vulnerable behind and vacancies in the department remain unoccupied.

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